Clinton Hartmann

A great man and a great life

Clinton Sylvester Hartmann

December 31, 1944 – February 4, 2013


Welcome to Clinton’s page.  His family has established an Endowment/Scholarship at the University of Texas at Austin to honor Clinton’s memory.  Those that wish to help us memorialize Clinton can consider a donation to this Endowment in his name. 

Clinton’s passions included science, math, engineering, and mentoring others, as well as a tremendous love for his family, children, and grandchildren.  Clinton was a highly awarded undergraduate from UT who went on to MIT where he earned his graduate degree.  After college, his innovative work in designing and developing Surface Acoustic Wave devices was considered groundbreaking and he holds over 100 patents in this field.  Many of his innovations are used today including SAW devices on NASA spacecraft, SAW devices in most cell phones, SAW devices in everyday remote controls and most recently SAW devices as identification tags throughout the world.

This Endowment will be named after Clinton in the Cockrell School of Engineering and a scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding undergraduate student each year.  All donations will go directly into the Clinton Hartmann Endowment Fund.  The earnings and interest from this Endowment will fund the scholarship each year.  The Endowment principal (including your donations) will never be touched, thus allowing this scholarship to grow and to be awarded in perpetuity.  His name and passion for technology and teaching will live on.

All donations are considered tax deductible and you will receive a tax receipt from the University of Texas. 

There are two ways to donate:

   1.  Donate directly on the UT website: Donations Link

  • On the left, in the Gift Area drop down list select Engineering (Cockrell School of), and then enter your gift amount next to it 
  • On the left, in the Sub Department drop down list select Area of Greatest Need
  • On the right, enter ‘CSH’ (Clinton's initials) as the Response Code 
  • On the right, check that the gift is a ‘Memorial Gift
  • Please write in ‘Clinton Hartmann’ as the name on the Memorial Gift
  • In the notes at the bottom right, you can add in that the gift is ‘For the Clinton Hartmann Endowment

   2.  Or, mail a check to The University of Texas:

  • The University of Texas at Austin, University Development Office, PO Box 7458, Austin, Texas 78713-7458
  • Include a note stating that the gift is for the ‘Clinton Hartmann Endowment / Scholarship Fund

If you are so inclined to donate to this Endowment, please take a moment to drop us a note so that we may thank you properly.  You can reach the immediate family by clicking here:  Contact Us


The Hartmann Family

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